What is Rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation helps a person return to normal and maximise their independence following injury , operations or disease.  Rehab is not about curing the problem but assists a person to recover and adapt, helping them mark the best of  their circumstances.

Physical rehabilitation plays a crucial role in the recovery from operations like hip and knee replacements or after surgery on the brain and spinal cord. It is often the main treatment offered following a stroke and head injury

At Stourbridge Physiotherapy there is a dedicated rehab gym. Here our experienced specialists physiotherapists and assistants can work with the most disabled and injured patients. Patients can work with physiotherapists to strengthen their muscles to overcome post operative problems.

We have physiotherapists who specialize in brain injury and neuropathy who can help design and Co ordinate rehabilitation programs, bringing other services like speech and occupational therapy to compliment treatment.

In the gym patients can helped to walk independently, or to use artificial limbs and special walking aids. Balance training and fall prevention can also be taught in this environment.

Rehabilitation often causes tears and tantrums as people attempt to overcome life changing injury. Our physiotherapists work sensitively withr people encouraging them to make the best of their abilities.